Cleaning for property viewings

Cleaning for property viewings

Preparing your property for a viewing

Of course, it can seem a bit tedious preparing your property for viewings in order to sell, but giving it a good clean is a vital, and often overlooked part of the process.

Top Tips for cleaning for a property

Even after owning a property for years, cleaning can be a difficult chore, especially when you want it to look the tidiest it has ever been.

However, with time, you’ll get the hang of it, don’t worry. It will be a struggle at first and you might have to learn a couple of things the hard way, but here you will find some useful suggestions to give you a head start. Check them out:

  1. If you don’t want to clean up thoroughly every week, try to make as little mess as possible. Put things where they are supposed to be right away after you have used them.
  2. Don’t throw clothes on the floor and all around the room, you’ll have to pick them up and neatly arrange them in the closet again… Do you want to do this every day?
  3. Don’t walk with your shoes everywhere, especially after you’ve been out in the rain or in the snow… Try it if you want you’ll see you’ll have to clean for at least an hour after.
  4. Party at home? Not a good idea for beginners in cleaning. You will see the morning after. You’ll be surprised what a big mess just a couple of people can produce in less than 3 hours.
  5. If you have a pet, you should have gotten used to cleaning after it… If you are thinking about getting one, now that you are all on your own, this is not a good idea, especially if you have just moved in. You will need some time to start learning how to clean up after yourself first.

These are only some of the basic domestic rules, the rest you’ll figure out on your own… Our best advice is to hire a professional cleaning company.

Property in London is highly desirable, with small properties selling for considerably higher than they are worth.

If you are in London and looking to sell your house, it is important you take time to clean it properly, the smallest things can put people off making an offer, and an untidy viewing can add to this.

Cleaning companies all around London can help you achieve this with a level of professionalism, from Croydon to Watford.

Cleaning for property viewings

What actions can you take quickly resulting in easy home cleaning? Do more in less time!

First of all start with motivation. If you postpone your tasks for the next day, the next day might turn in week or month, or even a year. Don’t let that happen.

When you think about home cleaning, imagine that it is really pleasant. This way you will change your mood in positive about cleaning your house and start with enthusiasm.

Next thing is – take small steps. Focus on your home cleaning chores one after another, as if every chore is the only and last one. Separating the cleaning process into parts, it won’t seem so huge.

Let’s talk about the single chores. What is sufficient and what is unnecessary.

Appliance Care, Cleaning And Maintenance

Hoover your home once a week. For instance, on Saturday, when you have more time. Hoovering is one of the most time-consuming cleaning tasks. In Sunday dust the surfaces. If you want to do it easily, use baby wipes. Once a moth sprinkles some baking soda on the carpets and hoovers it after an hour or so. It will remove the stale smell.

Create a special place for your mess. It could be a storeroom, big coffer or the garage, but the point is, when necessary, to quickly stuff any junk in there, far from curious eyes.

Home cleaning is not only cleaning. It comprises decoration too. Make sure your home looks neat and cosy, but not cluttered.

Do not make garlands of figurines or family pictures, one or two are just fine. Dust the ornaments once a month.

Cleaning for property viewings

Clean your fridge when you start smelling our something rotten. Every few months is enough. But wipe the counters daily. If you don’t own a dishwasher, buy one. Not diamonds, dishwashers are girl’s best friend.

If you have an ugly stain on the carpet, place an armchair right above. Or table. Or locker. Or call carpet cleaners.

When you come home from work – do nothing! You need a rest. The only exception is when you have insomnia. Use your sleepless nights to do the dishes or the laundry, then drink a glass of wine and go to bed.

Once a month clean the toilet. Or ask your husband to do that for a change. And to realize that home cleaning is a dirty, smelly, tiresome chore and when you complain about it, you have your reasons.

Hire a home cleaner. You deserve it. You really, really need it. To stop cleaning is like finding something lost long ago – you fun and rest.

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