Choosing a good location

What to look for when moving – Outside of the property

Here are some things to consider when looking for prime location properties

Is its aloof beauty that attracts both the young professional and the serious investor?

Positioned on the crest of a 320-hectare slice of parkland that bears its name, Hampstead is a great example of a London suburb that regards itself as a village and offers the ideal environment for the well-heeled creative who is looking to strike that elusive work/life balance.

Many people dream of the picturesque and leafy thoroughfares that lead to tranquil squares and historic buildings where every balcony is a potential viewing platform, every rooftop garden, a source of visual pleasure; such is the culturally unique and intellectually satisfying quality of life that comes with living on the “Heath”.

Local Services

Sought after lifestyles do not come cheap and overseas investors can expect a substantial rental yield from the stylish properties like one and two-bedroom flats to rent that nestle among the slopes of this most genteel of districts with prime examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture to be found on seemingly every corner.

When looking to invest in a property for life, you will want to consider how good your local services will be. The top things that people look for when moving may come as a surprise.

Things like local health care are among some of the most important factors that are often forgotten about when looking at areas in the moving process.

This is especially true with dental care, as it is advised to see your dentist at least twice a year.

Investors look for dentists that are trusted and loved by local people. This the case for most local services, from health to schools… it is important to look for those extra little details when looking for your dream location.

You want to choose somewhere that is more than just a quaint museum piece.

Time and again it demonstrates sought after locations ability to attract affluent families, keen to take advantage of the dense proliferation of exclusive schools and willing to pay up to £1000pw for a large luxury property to rent.

Alternatively, young professionals who insist on being near a village with its bijou retail outlets and easy access to the tube station and yet require the light and space that acts as a natural stress buster can move into apartments ranging from £400pw for one-bedroom flats to rent, to up to double that for a two-bedroom arrangement.

With an easy assurance that comes from being a major independent player on the Capital’s rental scene, London’s leading lettings agencies juggle all these competing requirements as if to the manor born which makes them also a natural choice when it comes the day-to-day management of rental properties.

Because they work with relocation agents who represent top corporate and have the most exacting standards when it comes to interior decor and luxury extras, attention to detail and the utmost professionalism is a given.

Indeed – who better to guide you through the decisions and deliberations of investing in these exclusive areas of the UK.